Back to the grind.

The first week back to work was a rough one after returning from vacation. It was pretty uneventful (thankfully). It is nice to have nothing large on the TO DO list after returning from vacation.

I did get a burst of energy and cleaned out a few closets. Hello goodwill! The women out there will be happy to know that Greg now owns ZERO pairs of pleated dress pants. We are now fully converted to flat fronts.

Was able to attend my 2nd Buccos game of the season during the week. Can’t get enough of this beautiful ball park!



We spent over 6 hours at a ball field on Sunday.  Greg plays in a church league with a few of his friends. This week was the championship, and after too many games in the hot sun… they won the league! Congrats Memorial Park Church! (special shout out to Murrey Wolff who is an avid blog reader of ours and the coach)



This week should be a quick one. I am missing a special boy’s birthday this Thursday. KP is turning 5! I can’t believe how quickly time flies. I am not ready for him to grow up and realize he can’t REALLY marry me. On a happy note, Greg and I are planning on heading to Indiana this Thursday after work with Matt & Kristen.  We are actually invading Bloomington Thursday night – Saturday morning then heading up to Lafayette to celebrate with the birthday boy!



Happy Birthday Kendrick Nelson!

we had quite th…

we had quite the eventful last week that i think deserves a good posting (usally our weeks aren’t this exciting)

we headed to flo-rida for the annual family vacay saturday evening. most of my posts will consists of pics because i seem to have an issue (my iphone currently has 3,287).

ab, hen, the boys and my padres arrived before us and we were so very excited to spend more than a quick weekend with them all. 6 hour drives each way usually force a small, not relaxing weekend.

our first full day we traveled to tampa for the rays/red sox game. might i add that the main motivation for this game was seeing my loves kdee, greg and kenley.


it had been WAY too long. kenley was so big, cute and amazing.  it is very neat to see greg and kendra in a new chapter of their life with a little family 🙂

everyone enjoyed the awesome game (thanks to GG for hooking it up). also got to see fitz, chris, michelle and baby kyler. so much fun!


the rest of the week we spent on the beach and exploring the island. anna maria island was absolutely beautiful and the perfect spot for a family vacay. greg lived in sarasota for a couple years so he was a huge help in navigating and showing us some local spots.


we decided to have some adult fun for the week and assigned everyone a “drink of the day”. Monday was my day and i chose “skippy” (case of beer, handle of vodka and country time lemonade); Tuesday was Ab’s turn and she went with “hippy juice” (melon vodka, triple sec, malibu, lemonade mix, water and fresh fruit); Wednesday pappy and yaya did a combined effort for a miami vice (pina colada and strawberry daiquiri)


Thursday greg took over and had a crowd favorite (crystal lite lemonade, vanilla vodka and raspberry vodka); Friday henry finished the week off with a delicious rum punch.

the boys (kp and jack) are getting SO big and it makes me a little sad/very proud. jack LOVES his greg and couldn’t get enough.



we got back yesterday (saturday) and i was able to get us unpacked, clean the house and still manage to get to bed at a decent time. waking up in our bed was QUITE nice and not having to go to work was double nice. greg played two softball games today (won both – holler!) and now we are trying to soak up the last few free hours before returning to the madness tomorrow.


hope everyone had a great week.


Jumping on the bandwagon…

I am giving in and starting one of these things people call a blog.  I get so excited when I see a new post from family/friends, so hopefully our life can provide a smile or two to someone — although our life isn’t THAT exciting…

We have had quite the busy year between house hunting, moving, traveling and work.  It seems like every weekend is always planned for months and months.  I can’t complain too much though because we have a pretty fun time doing it all.

Our house hunt started a little over a year ago and just about this time last year we fell in LOVE with the house we call home today.  A year ago this coming weekend we were patiently (not really) waiting to hear from our Realtor while soaking up some rays in sunny FL. Turns out we couldn’t come to an agreement and we were pretty bummed. The search continued and we kept comparing EVERYTHING to this house. A few months later we found ourselves starting the bidding again and moved in shortly after (late October).

We were thrilled to move into a house that needed very little to nothing done. Updates to date to come in a later post! I promise we put some pretty flowers in that flower bed 🙂

I wasn’t really able to help us get moved in because as most of your know, Mr. Jack Henry Pena has an agenda of his own and was having some complications.  I spent most of our first weekends in the house traveling to and from IN to visit the little guy.  I also was able to have a first during all this and became a godmother. How can you not  love this face?

Christmas approached quickly after moving in. Greg and I planned (plans rarely work) to head to IN for the first of the holiday. The night before we were heading back, our dog, Rodney, swallowed a ball and had to have emergency surgery. Greg stayed behind and we spent Christmas apart. Our “plans” seemed to be getting interrupted frequently.  But… on a good note, at least he is really cute.

This spring/summer has been FULL of fun events… so to name a few:

  • Megan is preggers
  • Good friends Matt & Kristen moved back to the ‘burgh!
  • Abbi just turned the big 3-0
  • Sami turned 2
  • Molly had baby Macy (finally, a baby girl in the family!)
  • Maria brought sweet baby Myles into the world
  • Our good friends Phil & Ciara got hitched
  •  Logan is engaged!
  • Jack got his tube out
  • Attended our first superbowl together
  • VEGAS – first time trip + reuniting with a BFF (SLAM!)
  • white water rafting on birthday weekend
  • Penguins hockey!
  • Memorial day fun (mom, dad, teri, jamie, art & anne came to visit!)
  • NFL challenge (we are trying to see a game in every stadium! 5 down!)
  • girl’s weekend in pittsburgh (ab, tonya & andrea)

  • March of Dimes – Jack’s Pack walk & fundraising
  • Pinterest projects

I’m sure I am leaving out a TON but at least that catches you all up slightly on the last year. I am almost guarantee you Greg will NEVER write a post but you will hear plenty about all our adventures together. We head our to sunny FL this weekend for a much needed vacation (fun fact – this will be my first FULL week vacation since starting to work full-time). Can’t wait for some sun, sand and relaxation. Also get to see my favorites (kendra dee, greg & sweet kenley)! Fun week ahead and many more posts to come.