Pinterest on the brain.

If you’re reading this it means you are on the internet which means you have to know or have heard of pinterest. It is my recent obsession. Between fantasy football drafts and pinterest projects, we (greg less busy on pinterest projects) have been quite busy.

Two weekends ago Kristen and I made some really fun drink coasters….


I also got in the fall spirit and made some cute candy corn decor…


My favorite pinterest project thus far…

think of all the possibilities (black/orange for Halloween, red/green for Christmas, etc)


After our fun-filled craft weekend I tried to take a break. My mom and dad graced us with their presence for labor day weekend. We love having guests and of course family is even better. They seem to do more work on our house when they come than we do when they aren’t here. Thankfully our house needs little/no work but of course I love projects. Not only do I like stripes but the color grey is another obsession.

After A LOT of work, the half bath now has grey stripes!  My dad is a huge trooper (no pun intended) for seeing this one through. End product is amazing but I think I’d advise people to hire out for stripes. Not worth the time/stress.


hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. I feel like we need another vacation. Exciting news of the week is we decided to make the trip to Orlando for miss Kenley’s 1st birthday. woop woop!