week of thankfulness.

we have had quite the busy week here in Pittsburgh.  Monday evening, Mom, Dad, Ab, KP and Jack arrived.  Thank goodness they were able to come in early and help prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. I am fine with hosting, but all that cooking is a little outside of my comfort zone 🙂

this boy is a walking/talking monster. how can you not love that face?

Yaya bought the most beautiful thanksgiving flowers for our centerpiece.

after we ate, I think we all snapped into CHRISTMAS mode. this year it seems like everyone is decorating/shopping really early.  I have had the urge to decorate but had to wait until after turkey day.

Todd, Danielle, Karmyn & Sami arrived late Thursday night and then we ventured out to battle the crowds and did some midnight-5 AM shopping. I ended up buying an eyelash brush ($5) and a bath mat ($15) – ha! but everyone else got some great finds so it was totally worth it.

we woke up Saturday to SNOW and I had to start decorating immediately.

(yes, we need stockings but I couldnt pass the cute stocking holders up from Crate and Barrel last season)

the kids did a great job putting ornaments on the tree!

Henry attempted to get some Christmas photos of the kids in their matching PJs. This was more than entertaining to watch.

Greg and I now have an empty house and we aren’t sure what to do! It is weird to hear no kids laughing/screaming/playing. We have spent our day watching football and enjoying the sunshine.

OK sorry for the mini photo album i’ve just posted.

In other news- Meggy & Timmy just welcomed baby Silas into the world this week. He is adorable and I can’t wait to meet him over Christmas; Kendra & Greg moved into their new casa and I couldn’t be happier for them!; I have started my Pinterest Christmas crafts and I can’t wait to do my first entry and start seeing everyone’s outcomes.

Have a great last week of November.

Our month in photos?

Ideally our month in photos would be our weekend in photos but I’m working on that.  I’d like to say we’ve been extremely busy and I’ve had no time to update but reality is we have been home the last 2 weekends and I think I’ve just enjoyed doing nothing.

Favorite weekend of the past month is hands down our venture to FL to celebrate miss Kenley’s first birthday. Kendra Dee put together the most adorable party I’ve ever seen. This girl needs to open up a business.

Outside of this we have been watching a ton of football and getting ready for the holidays.

I’m scared to announce we will be hosting our first thanksgiving this year. Mom, Dad, Ab, Hen, Todd, Danielle and all the kiddos are making the trip out to Pittsburgh to celebrate.

Of course Pinterest still remains an obsession so ill leave you with some photos.