Life update.

So my blogging energy has been spent focusing on a Pinterest Christmas and I have failed to share our oh so exciting life lately. I think it can be summarized in a few sentences so why not give a quick update? Not to mention I don’t have an exciting craft to post this week so maybe blogging 2 times in one week will make me feel better.

Greg & I have been quite busy the last few weeks. Since Thanksgiving, we have been in full Christmas mode.  The weekend after Turkey Day (Dec 1) kicked off our first Christmas party with our good friends the Hough’s and Cutone’s.  Our night consisted of football, food, adult beverages and board games… SHOCKING. On a side note, if you haven’t played SPOT IT before, you should. It might seem like a game for youngsters but it is definitely enjoyable with adults.

Kristen invited me to use one of her Groupon‘s that was expiring the next week and we had a blast.  All I knew going into it – BYOB and painting. So the place is called Paint Monkey and it is located in a cute little studio downtown Pittsburgh. You bring whatever you would like to drink and they provide everything else (even the corkscrew)!

This is how it looks before the instructor starts guiding the class (thank goodness they gave us lines to follow).


this is right before finishing but the last pic I have that also captures how messy this got


Overall this was a really cool experience that I can’t wait to do again someday.  Come visit Pittsburgh and we will go 🙂

The second Saturday in Dec we attended the annual neighborhood Christmas party.  This was our first year attending since we were just moving in last year.  Very thankful for all the awesome neighbors we have!

This past weekend we had a Christmas party on Friday and Saturday – it sounds like we are really popular but I promise we aren’t.

This whole month has FLOWN by but poor Greg has been battling a lot of neck pain.  He has dealt with it for years but it really started acting up again on the 2nd of this month.  After an ER trip, 2 doctor trips, blood work, MRI’s, x-ray’s, steroid injections, etc…. He is starting to feel better and we are hopeful they are figuring things out. More to come!

Shout out to Mr. Jack Pena who will turn 2 on Thursday.  See you soon buddy.

Greg & I will head home to Indiana Saturday morning and stay through Christmas.  We have off work all next week so it will be great to not have to rush back.

I hope everyone has a great/safe holiday.

Until Thursday…

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