A Pinterest Christmas: Odds and Ends.

Kinda disappointing but I don’t have a fabulous craft to share with everyone this week.  I was tempted to go out on Tuesday night to buy supplies and make the adorable Yarn Trees that Kendra posted.  I’ve decided maybe next week I will try to do another “intense” project when I am home with Abbi so I can convince her to join in.

So anywho – here we go for week 3 of:

pinterest christmas logo

I did some small projects around the house that I am going to attempt to share with little pictures or tutorials.

First – how should we display our Christmas cards? Our pantry door is white and boring so I attempted to jazz it up.  I bought ribbon and some plain clothespins from Michael’s.  I thought (for maybe 13 seconds) about buying glue and loose glitter and making my clothespins very pretty but I opted for less of a mess and went with glitter spray paint. I taped the ribbon on the inside of the door (top and bottom) and just added cards as they came in!

Close up of the clothespins (thanks for modeling Gilbertson family)


Looking like lonely people with 2 cards…


And then finally they started rolling in…


Maybe next year we should think about sending a cute Christmas card to friends and family.

Next up:  Felted Garland. My PINspiration:


So Misha was a rockstar with her felted garland a few weeks ago.  I planned to do this until I saw words like wool and roving… eek. My savior (Amazon) had these cute felt balls (already made) for sale.


Thanks to Amazon Prime, they arrived in 2 days and I took a trusty needle and some twine and went to town.


Turned out to not be like what I imagined but I guess it’s still cute.  Because the bigger balls (ha) are heavier it doesn’t lay like I would prefer but imperfection is in from what I hear.


my stocking holders were perfect for swooping? the garland (yes, we still don’t have stockings but I am determined to buy these after Christmas)


OK now for my fail of a project that I don’t have time to complete before heading to Indiana for Christmas.

My PINspiration:


I thought this was so simple/cute for the front porch. Who would’ve thought putting lights on an upside down tomato cage would make it look like a tree?

Issue #1 – Greg and I went to Home Depot and the only tomato cage I found was 5 ft. tall. Yikes. (Rodney likes to keep me company while I craft)


Issue #2 – I worked on this late Tuesday night and only had 9 ft. of garland and a set of 100 mini lights. See below for how far that gets you.



Although it didn’t pan out like I planned with my initial supplies, I think once we return from the holidays I will get more lights & garland (hopefully on a good sale!) and finish.  I might also look for a 3 ft. tomato cage to put next to it.

LAST thing… my boss thought it would be nice to give some of the teams we work with a 6 pack of holiday beer.  I agreed but of course knew we had to spruce them up!  Ab made these last year and I thought they were adorable.

My PINspiration:


We bought 12 6-pack’s and I signed up to complete 8 of them (big mistake when you are trying to wrap presents, pack for home, do laundry, etc.). It actually went quite quick after I got the hang of it.  For 12 6-packs I’d say the supplies only cost about $10 (which in my opinion is pretty cheap to give it a little holiday spirit).  All you need is some brown pipe cleaners (5 for every 3 beers), red fuzzy balls, eye balls, scissors and a hot glue gun!



Enough of my random projects. Check out the other ladies’ projects this week and come back next week for yet another Christmas craft.

Misha & Amanda’s Paper Tree Forests

Kendra & Michelle’s Yarn Trees

Sally’s Stocking

Abbi’s Christmas Goodies


7 thoughts on “A Pinterest Christmas: Odds and Ends.

  1. Very cute ideas!! Love the tomato cage tree! You girls rock with all of your little crafty ideas! Enjoy your time home with your family and Merry Christmas!

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