A Pinterest Christmas: Yarn Trees.

So I lied when I said I would only be a day late on my Pinterest Christmas post.  I underestimated wanting to relax/unpack the day after a trip to Indiana for Christmas and a 6 hour drive.  Oh well.  For this week of:

pinterest christmas logo

I was sort of lacking creativity/motivation/etc. and it was especially hard to be excited to make another Christmas craft when Christmas is over 😦  Next year (if I participate in a series like this again) I hope to start making these crafts way before the Christmas season even starts so I can enjoy them longer. Oh well… my PINspiration this week came from this:


BUT I would be lying if I said I planned this to be one of my projects.  I guess my REAL PINspiration came from Kendra & Michelle:


Ab and I attempted to head out the day after Christmas to pick up supplies and complete together but the “Blizzard 2012” put a damper on this.

I planned on making the larger cone the red tree because I really loved Michelle’s color combo, BUT my larger cone was green styrofoam (smaller one is white) and it made more sense to put the green yarn on the green cone in case of any spaces while wrapping.  I had red spray paint but no green (and didn’t feel like venturing out) so red on the small and green on the big it is.  I also even made myself complete the large cone first because I knew that I would sick of wrapping pretty quickly (I completed the below project for a cute fall decoration so this wasn’t my first rodeo involving cones and yarn).


I pinned the start of the yarn at the bottom of the cone and started wrapping. It took me a while to find out the best method but I settled with holding the cone upside down to do the bottom portion (resting the other end on my leg) and spinning the cone around as I pulled the yarn.  I also used my other hand to constantly push up the yarn as I laid each layer to eliminate spacing.  I have NO clue if the method I just described makes any sense but it’s the best I can describe.

so if you’re looking at the above photo, I used my right hand to pull the string and used my left hand (thumb) to push up the string I just laid on the cone.  After I got through about half of the cone, I flipped it back right side up and did the same method.

after finishing the wrapping it was as simple as heating up the hot glue gun and adding some pom poms!


for the red tree, the only difference was spray painting the cone prior to wrapping the yarn.  This isn’t a necessity but I knew it would be better off.




love these trees! I might have to look for cute little stars to put on the top! and I think I’ll add some more white poms to the red tree 🙂

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