Our Weekend. 1/18/13.

The first week of the 30 Day Shred challenge is complete. I will say that multiple days this week I could barely walk and I complained A LOT… but I am excited that I have stuck with this and I’m excited to keep going. I will say I think I wouldv’e quit after day 2 if I didn’t have the support from everyone else. And by support I mean Facebook messages bitching about how Jillian Michaels is a bitch. Shred on!

Greg and I were also busy this week with his family. His sister-in-law had an unexpected heart attack and could really use some prayers!

Friday night after a hospital visit, Greg took me out to a nice dinner in Shadyside. We don’t get down their often so it was a nice change of pace. MMM fresh scallops.


Saturday was an exciting day… I finally got a manicure & HOCKEY IS BACK! We met up with some friends to watch the first game at a new joint in Robinson (Latitude 40). We even made the local news station’s website. Check it out!

(still loving anything grey)


Today is all about sports.  The Hoosiers pulled out the W. NFL is in full force (notice that the first game got me through my workout today) and the Pens start @ 7.


Dinner is in the oven (buffalo chicken potato casserole) – thanks Pinterest!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Our weekend. 1/11/13.

My goal for 2013- update the blog more frequently. Lets see how long I can go trying to post weekend updates.

Our week was pretty blah with Greg battling the flu.

Friday we were able to get out to a fun dinner with the Hough’s to celebrate a new chapter of their life 🙂


Saturday Greg stayed in bed while I cheered on the Hoosiers and finished taking down the Christmas decor.


Saturday night I joined the neighborhood gals (& Ciara) for a theater show.



Today (Sunday) was a complete lazy day filled with football.  Sad we don’t have a team left in the playoffs but it’s still the best time of the year for NFL! It was over 60 degrees outside today so it was nice to enjoy a little of that.  Sounds like the 30’s are coming back tomorrow so it was nice while it lasted.

Tomorrow I will join in on the 30 day shred challenge with some fellow family members.  If you know me, you know I don’t do working out.  I could stand to get in shape but I am hesitant to say I’m extremely motivated/excited.  We shall see!