A Pinterest Christmas 2014 – Week 2

This week on:


my PINspiration:


The link on this pin went absolutely no where… but thankfully I have Greg.  I just showed him pictures of what I wanted and he made it happen – as usual!

I did go back and forth on how I wanted to execute this… just Google pallet christmas tree and you will find all sorts of variations!

cut the pallet, don’t cut the pallet – paint the pallet, don’t paint the pallet – straight edges or angled edges

FotorCreatedWe had some extra pallets on hand from the headboard we made for my friend Ashley’s wedding.  I am too proud not to share a photo 🙂


Greg took charge and I literally did nothing but observe and tell him where to put it in the end. What a guy!


It probably took him 20 minutes tops to complete and then we were ready to argue on placement 🙂

Final look! Some have suggested i add lights, paint a star, etc. but for now I am staying plain Jane.


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