A Pinterest Christmas – Take 2: Ruffle Tree Skirt.

I’m hoping everyone enjoyed the first week of:

pinterest christmas logo

This week I decided to get my “intense” project posted.  Over Thanksgiving Ab mentioned seeing a really cute DIY tree skirt.  We pulled it up on Pinterest and of course I fell in love.  My first concern was having to sew (I try to stay away from sewing).  Thankfully this was a NO SEW tree skirt.  I was in.

My PINspiration:


Lately I have been attracted to anything burlap so this was right up my alley.  We went to JoAnn Fabric and I bought 4 yards of the red material (just chose the cheapest, red, cotton option) and I used the burlap garland that I used for my bow in last week’s wreath project.  Had a little trouble finding a cheap tree skirt that we could put this fabric on top of but we ended up scoring $1 tree skirts @ Dollar Tree.


And then it was time to start cutting fabric.  The blogs I read about “no sew” mentioned some fancy cutter but I of course just went at it with a trusty pair of scissors (after completing this project I wish I had a fancy cutter).  Not only have I never been able to cut straight lines but just imagine trying to cut 2 in. strips on a piece of fabric that is 4 yds. long.


I started cutting strips until I got bored or really crooked. Aftering thinking I was cutting forever on the first strip, I started applying it to the skirt.  I used a hot glue gun (and a SHIT ton of hot glue sticks) and attached the end of the red fabric strip at the slit of the tree skirt.  From there, I just took the red fabric strip and folded it back on top of where I glued it down with a dab of glue…. fold again…. glue again…. zzzzzz.


This first “long” strip I cut did NOT last long and this is where I knew this was a commitment.


I told myself it would be worth it and to at least finish one ring to see if i was IN LOVE with the look.


EH, looks okay. But how can I tell if I love with without seeing the burlap and seeing so much of the ugly $1 tree skirt?


I cut this right down the middle and had NO clue what kind of mess I was in for.  I’m sure most people understand how this would make your carpet look like after cutting it but I was in for a treat.


I also learned really fast how putting hot glue on burlap and pushing down with your fingers does NOT feel nice. I resorted to putting down my dab of glue then pushing it down with my scissors until dry.  If you like my taste at all, you will notice from just the small picture above that by this point I decided to keep going because it looked adorable.


So I would estimate that each strip at this stage took me about 35-45 min.  I will admit I did it while watching TV and usually having an adult beverage.  I tried to stay positive by telling myself that as I get more and more done each strip will take less time since I was moving inward.


At about 3 rows in (above) I notice that I unintentionally did my folds different directions (first row is different than 2nd and 3rd).  Of course I had a minor panic and complained to Greg about how stupid it looked and how I should’ve thought about that.  Then I just told myself it will give it character and had another glass of wine.


4.75 rows down! KEEP GOING!


the side view seemed “flattering”


this is the last photo I have before putting it under the tree!



Looking back:  Probably would’ve bought a larger skirt (yes, more time…ugh) because I am truly pleased with the outcome, but it is a little small for our tree. I shoved a lot of presents to the back just so we can see the skirt 🙂  I also would have used a little more attention to detail when deciding which way to “fold” each row.  Lastly, as I compare my skirt to my original PINspiration, it seems like I did more of a “fold” than a “sinch” for my ruffles… again, character but I am hard on myself!

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A Pinterest Christmas – Take 1: Letter Wreath.

This year I was asked to participate in what I hope is a tradition for many years to come (or until I have no more space to put crafts).

pinterest christmas logo

A group of us Pinterest lovers have decided to take one day a week during the month of December to blog about a different Christmas craft we’ve created for the holiday season.  Hopefully this will assist (or deter)  someone in their crafting future…. or maybe you will just enjoy seeing our different styles/techniques/crafting craziness.

My posting day is Thursday (hence why I am posting today) and for the first week I chose to make a wreath for the holiday season.

My PINspiration:


You might ask yourself, why would Maggi choose a letter wreath when she lives with her boyfriend (yes, we aren’t married)? Well conveniently our last names start with the same letter so it allows me to do these things.

First things first… I had to track down the letter.  I found the one I liked best @ Hobby Lobby ($12.99 but had a 40% off coupon… score!).

Took some of Greg’s black spray paint from the garage and did one coat on the front.

Bought cranberry branches? from Michael’s  ($2.49 each + 60% off; I used around 6)


Thankfully each little bunch pulled off the branch quite easily but this did get quite messy (definitely recommend a towel/blanket to be involved).


After plucking the cranberry bunches off it was time to get the hot glue gun and get started.  This was honestly VERY simple but a little time consuming (mainly because I was extremely anal about leaving no spaces). I hot glued each bunch on like it was a puzzle until the front of the letter was completely filled.



letter 3


Last thing to do was tie a bow to hang the bad boy.  I bought burlap garland from Joann Fabrics ($8.99 + 50% off coupon) that you will also see me utilize in a future project.


I am not the best bow tie -er in town but somehow it turned out OK.

Up on the wreath hook it went and ta-da (almost)!


Ran into a slight problem with keeping it straight so my handy man attached some velcrow to the back and we were all set (ignore my reflection).


Overall I think this was a successful project (not everything from Pinterest turns out this way). I’d say I spent a total of $18 (but I do have supplies leftover to use on future projects).

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