A Pinterest Christmas 2014 – Week 2

This week on:


my PINspiration:


The link on this pin went absolutely no where… but thankfully I have Greg.  I just showed him pictures of what I wanted and he made it happen – as usual!

I did go back and forth on how I wanted to execute this… just Google pallet christmas tree and you will find all sorts of variations!

cut the pallet, don’t cut the pallet – paint the pallet, don’t paint the pallet – straight edges or angled edges

FotorCreatedWe had some extra pallets on hand from the headboard we made for my friend Ashley’s wedding.  I am too proud not to share a photo 🙂


Greg took charge and I literally did nothing but observe and tell him where to put it in the end. What a guy!


It probably took him 20 minutes tops to complete and then we were ready to argue on placement 🙂

Final look! Some have suggested i add lights, paint a star, etc. but for now I am staying plain Jane.


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A Pinterest Christmas 2014 – Week 1

It’s that time of year again, where I  promise I will blog more often participate in A Pinterest Christmas with some lovely, crafty ladies.


Each week the hosts will be sharing Pinterest-inspired projects related to the holiday season. The projects could be anything from decorations and crafts, to traditions and recipes. Each of us will be sharing our projects in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We would love for you to join in on the fun. Plan your projects, post them, link back to one of our posts, and leave us a comment!

Not a blogger? No problem, we’d love to see your projects on Instagram! Use the hashtag #PinterestChristmas2014

The hosts:

[Emerald City Diaries | Greg & Maggi |  The Gilbertson Family | The Pena Family | This Grey House | Without A Doubt]

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For Week 1, I decided to continue on the theme of my recent hobby and create a Moss Covered Reindeer.


The site I used for my PINspiration made this a lot more difficult than it needed to be.  They used styrofoam and traced/cut out the reindeer.  I however found the exact same shaped reindeer at Michael’s for $2.99 – SCORE! He even had the twine already attached and ready to hang!

wood reinderr

I also got a bag of moss from Michael’s for $4.79, but used my 50% off one item coupon on this guy.  I pinched off some globs of moss and started hot gluing away!  I did small sections so I could make sure it would cover up the wood.  It took about 10-15 minutes to complete, then I was left with one furry reindeer.  As you can see, the moss was quite “full”, so i went back and trimmed.  It felt a little like giving the reindeer a haircut.

partial moss


tall moss

The haircut resulted in this lovely mess…

moss mess

The final product…

final no nose

But how would he be complete without a cute, red nose? I stole from my bathroom decor and put on the final touch!



Right now he is hanging from our stocking holders since I still haven’t purchased stockings (waiting for the right ones to catch my eye!).


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A Pinterest Christmas: Yarn Trees.

So I lied when I said I would only be a day late on my Pinterest Christmas post.  I underestimated wanting to relax/unpack the day after a trip to Indiana for Christmas and a 6 hour drive.  Oh well.  For this week of:

pinterest christmas logo

I was sort of lacking creativity/motivation/etc. and it was especially hard to be excited to make another Christmas craft when Christmas is over 😦  Next year (if I participate in a series like this again) I hope to start making these crafts way before the Christmas season even starts so I can enjoy them longer. Oh well… my PINspiration this week came from this:


BUT I would be lying if I said I planned this to be one of my projects.  I guess my REAL PINspiration came from Kendra & Michelle:


Ab and I attempted to head out the day after Christmas to pick up supplies and complete together but the “Blizzard 2012” put a damper on this.

I planned on making the larger cone the red tree because I really loved Michelle’s color combo, BUT my larger cone was green styrofoam (smaller one is white) and it made more sense to put the green yarn on the green cone in case of any spaces while wrapping.  I had red spray paint but no green (and didn’t feel like venturing out) so red on the small and green on the big it is.  I also even made myself complete the large cone first because I knew that I would sick of wrapping pretty quickly (I completed the below project for a cute fall decoration so this wasn’t my first rodeo involving cones and yarn).


I pinned the start of the yarn at the bottom of the cone and started wrapping. It took me a while to find out the best method but I settled with holding the cone upside down to do the bottom portion (resting the other end on my leg) and spinning the cone around as I pulled the yarn.  I also used my other hand to constantly push up the yarn as I laid each layer to eliminate spacing.  I have NO clue if the method I just described makes any sense but it’s the best I can describe.

so if you’re looking at the above photo, I used my right hand to pull the string and used my left hand (thumb) to push up the string I just laid on the cone.  After I got through about half of the cone, I flipped it back right side up and did the same method.

after finishing the wrapping it was as simple as heating up the hot glue gun and adding some pom poms!


for the red tree, the only difference was spray painting the cone prior to wrapping the yarn.  This isn’t a necessity but I knew it would be better off.




love these trees! I might have to look for cute little stars to put on the top! and I think I’ll add some more white poms to the red tree 🙂

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A Pinterest Christmas: Odds and Ends.

Kinda disappointing but I don’t have a fabulous craft to share with everyone this week.  I was tempted to go out on Tuesday night to buy supplies and make the adorable Yarn Trees that Kendra posted.  I’ve decided maybe next week I will try to do another “intense” project when I am home with Abbi so I can convince her to join in.

So anywho – here we go for week 3 of:

pinterest christmas logo

I did some small projects around the house that I am going to attempt to share with little pictures or tutorials.

First – how should we display our Christmas cards? Our pantry door is white and boring so I attempted to jazz it up.  I bought ribbon and some plain clothespins from Michael’s.  I thought (for maybe 13 seconds) about buying glue and loose glitter and making my clothespins very pretty but I opted for less of a mess and went with glitter spray paint. I taped the ribbon on the inside of the door (top and bottom) and just added cards as they came in!

Close up of the clothespins (thanks for modeling Gilbertson family)


Looking like lonely people with 2 cards…


And then finally they started rolling in…


Maybe next year we should think about sending a cute Christmas card to friends and family.

Next up:  Felted Garland. My PINspiration:


So Misha was a rockstar with her felted garland a few weeks ago.  I planned to do this until I saw words like wool and roving… eek. My savior (Amazon) had these cute felt balls (already made) for sale.


Thanks to Amazon Prime, they arrived in 2 days and I took a trusty needle and some twine and went to town.


Turned out to not be like what I imagined but I guess it’s still cute.  Because the bigger balls (ha) are heavier it doesn’t lay like I would prefer but imperfection is in from what I hear.


my stocking holders were perfect for swooping? the garland (yes, we still don’t have stockings but I am determined to buy these after Christmas)


OK now for my fail of a project that I don’t have time to complete before heading to Indiana for Christmas.

My PINspiration:


I thought this was so simple/cute for the front porch. Who would’ve thought putting lights on an upside down tomato cage would make it look like a tree?

Issue #1 – Greg and I went to Home Depot and the only tomato cage I found was 5 ft. tall. Yikes. (Rodney likes to keep me company while I craft)


Issue #2 – I worked on this late Tuesday night and only had 9 ft. of garland and a set of 100 mini lights. See below for how far that gets you.



Although it didn’t pan out like I planned with my initial supplies, I think once we return from the holidays I will get more lights & garland (hopefully on a good sale!) and finish.  I might also look for a 3 ft. tomato cage to put next to it.

LAST thing… my boss thought it would be nice to give some of the teams we work with a 6 pack of holiday beer.  I agreed but of course knew we had to spruce them up!  Ab made these last year and I thought they were adorable.

My PINspiration:


We bought 12 6-pack’s and I signed up to complete 8 of them (big mistake when you are trying to wrap presents, pack for home, do laundry, etc.). It actually went quite quick after I got the hang of it.  For 12 6-packs I’d say the supplies only cost about $10 (which in my opinion is pretty cheap to give it a little holiday spirit).  All you need is some brown pipe cleaners (5 for every 3 beers), red fuzzy balls, eye balls, scissors and a hot glue gun!



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A Pinterest Christmas – Take 2: Ruffle Tree Skirt.

I’m hoping everyone enjoyed the first week of:

pinterest christmas logo

This week I decided to get my “intense” project posted.  Over Thanksgiving Ab mentioned seeing a really cute DIY tree skirt.  We pulled it up on Pinterest and of course I fell in love.  My first concern was having to sew (I try to stay away from sewing).  Thankfully this was a NO SEW tree skirt.  I was in.

My PINspiration:


Lately I have been attracted to anything burlap so this was right up my alley.  We went to JoAnn Fabric and I bought 4 yards of the red material (just chose the cheapest, red, cotton option) and I used the burlap garland that I used for my bow in last week’s wreath project.  Had a little trouble finding a cheap tree skirt that we could put this fabric on top of but we ended up scoring $1 tree skirts @ Dollar Tree.


And then it was time to start cutting fabric.  The blogs I read about “no sew” mentioned some fancy cutter but I of course just went at it with a trusty pair of scissors (after completing this project I wish I had a fancy cutter).  Not only have I never been able to cut straight lines but just imagine trying to cut 2 in. strips on a piece of fabric that is 4 yds. long.


I started cutting strips until I got bored or really crooked. Aftering thinking I was cutting forever on the first strip, I started applying it to the skirt.  I used a hot glue gun (and a SHIT ton of hot glue sticks) and attached the end of the red fabric strip at the slit of the tree skirt.  From there, I just took the red fabric strip and folded it back on top of where I glued it down with a dab of glue…. fold again…. glue again…. zzzzzz.


This first “long” strip I cut did NOT last long and this is where I knew this was a commitment.


I told myself it would be worth it and to at least finish one ring to see if i was IN LOVE with the look.


EH, looks okay. But how can I tell if I love with without seeing the burlap and seeing so much of the ugly $1 tree skirt?


I cut this right down the middle and had NO clue what kind of mess I was in for.  I’m sure most people understand how this would make your carpet look like after cutting it but I was in for a treat.


I also learned really fast how putting hot glue on burlap and pushing down with your fingers does NOT feel nice. I resorted to putting down my dab of glue then pushing it down with my scissors until dry.  If you like my taste at all, you will notice from just the small picture above that by this point I decided to keep going because it looked adorable.


So I would estimate that each strip at this stage took me about 35-45 min.  I will admit I did it while watching TV and usually having an adult beverage.  I tried to stay positive by telling myself that as I get more and more done each strip will take less time since I was moving inward.


At about 3 rows in (above) I notice that I unintentionally did my folds different directions (first row is different than 2nd and 3rd).  Of course I had a minor panic and complained to Greg about how stupid it looked and how I should’ve thought about that.  Then I just told myself it will give it character and had another glass of wine.


4.75 rows down! KEEP GOING!


the side view seemed “flattering”


this is the last photo I have before putting it under the tree!



Looking back:  Probably would’ve bought a larger skirt (yes, more time…ugh) because I am truly pleased with the outcome, but it is a little small for our tree. I shoved a lot of presents to the back just so we can see the skirt 🙂  I also would have used a little more attention to detail when deciding which way to “fold” each row.  Lastly, as I compare my skirt to my original PINspiration, it seems like I did more of a “fold” than a “sinch” for my ruffles… again, character but I am hard on myself!

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A Pinterest Christmas – Take 1: Letter Wreath.

This year I was asked to participate in what I hope is a tradition for many years to come (or until I have no more space to put crafts).

pinterest christmas logo

A group of us Pinterest lovers have decided to take one day a week during the month of December to blog about a different Christmas craft we’ve created for the holiday season.  Hopefully this will assist (or deter)  someone in their crafting future…. or maybe you will just enjoy seeing our different styles/techniques/crafting craziness.

My posting day is Thursday (hence why I am posting today) and for the first week I chose to make a wreath for the holiday season.

My PINspiration:


You might ask yourself, why would Maggi choose a letter wreath when she lives with her boyfriend (yes, we aren’t married)? Well conveniently our last names start with the same letter so it allows me to do these things.

First things first… I had to track down the letter.  I found the one I liked best @ Hobby Lobby ($12.99 but had a 40% off coupon… score!).

Took some of Greg’s black spray paint from the garage and did one coat on the front.

Bought cranberry branches? from Michael’s  ($2.49 each + 60% off; I used around 6)


Thankfully each little bunch pulled off the branch quite easily but this did get quite messy (definitely recommend a towel/blanket to be involved).


After plucking the cranberry bunches off it was time to get the hot glue gun and get started.  This was honestly VERY simple but a little time consuming (mainly because I was extremely anal about leaving no spaces). I hot glued each bunch on like it was a puzzle until the front of the letter was completely filled.



letter 3


Last thing to do was tie a bow to hang the bad boy.  I bought burlap garland from Joann Fabrics ($8.99 + 50% off coupon) that you will also see me utilize in a future project.


I am not the best bow tie -er in town but somehow it turned out OK.

Up on the wreath hook it went and ta-da (almost)!


Ran into a slight problem with keeping it straight so my handy man attached some velcrow to the back and we were all set (ignore my reflection).


Overall I think this was a successful project (not everything from Pinterest turns out this way). I’d say I spent a total of $18 (but I do have supplies leftover to use on future projects).

Be sure to check out the other ladies’ projects this week & tune in next Thursday for my next project:

Our month in photos?

Ideally our month in photos would be our weekend in photos but I’m working on that.  I’d like to say we’ve been extremely busy and I’ve had no time to update but reality is we have been home the last 2 weekends and I think I’ve just enjoyed doing nothing.

Favorite weekend of the past month is hands down our venture to FL to celebrate miss Kenley’s first birthday. Kendra Dee put together the most adorable party I’ve ever seen. This girl needs to open up a business.

Outside of this we have been watching a ton of football and getting ready for the holidays.

I’m scared to announce we will be hosting our first thanksgiving this year. Mom, Dad, Ab, Hen, Todd, Danielle and all the kiddos are making the trip out to Pittsburgh to celebrate.

Of course Pinterest still remains an obsession so ill leave you with some photos.

Pinterest on the brain.

If you’re reading this it means you are on the internet which means you have to know or have heard of pinterest. It is my recent obsession. Between fantasy football drafts and pinterest projects, we (greg less busy on pinterest projects) have been quite busy.

Two weekends ago Kristen and I made some really fun drink coasters….


I also got in the fall spirit and made some cute candy corn decor…


My favorite pinterest project thus far…

think of all the possibilities (black/orange for Halloween, red/green for Christmas, etc)


After our fun-filled craft weekend I tried to take a break. My mom and dad graced us with their presence for labor day weekend. We love having guests and of course family is even better. They seem to do more work on our house when they come than we do when they aren’t here. Thankfully our house needs little/no work but of course I love projects. Not only do I like stripes but the color grey is another obsession.

After A LOT of work, the half bath now has grey stripes!  My dad is a huge trooper (no pun intended) for seeing this one through. End product is amazing but I think I’d advise people to hire out for stripes. Not worth the time/stress.


hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. I feel like we need another vacation. Exciting news of the week is we decided to make the trip to Orlando for miss Kenley’s 1st birthday. woop woop!